Beverly Solow: Lactation Consultant

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I provide home consultations in Northern Manhattan and Riverdale. I also lead monthly support meetings in Inwood and Washington Heights. If you'd like to make an appointment for a house visit, contact me via phone or email.

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Why Hire a Lactation Consultant

Baby breastfeedingA mother once said to me, "You know the problem with breastfeeding? Everyone tells you something different." I also hear from many mothers that they have been told their babies were latched on well and that they should nurse 15-20 minutes on each breast. These same women are in pain and wondering if their babies are actually getting enough milk!

People have different definitions of a "good latch". Some think that a baby is latched on well if she is securely attached and not falling off the breast. To me a good latch is a deep, asymmetric (i.e. more breast in the baby's mouth near the lower lip), comfortable latch that results in frequent swallowing and not just sucking.

Good positioning and latch on technique is the single most important thing you can do to ensure a smooth, enjoyable breastfeeding experience. During a consultation I give you specific information and advice pertaining to you and your baby about what is normal and what you can expect throughout your breastfeeding experience. The mother who received so much conflicting advice is getting recommendations that worked for other people or advice that is too general to be useful. Many mothers figure out breastfeeding on their own without the help of a lactation consultant, but a consultation may be a short-cut to more comfortable breastfeeding.

A consultation (which includes an observation of your baby breastfeeding) provides guidance and practice:

  1. to attain good latches right from the start
  2. to be able to tell when your baby is feeding well (swallowing as opposed to just sucking) and when she isn't
  3. to establish and maintain a good milk supply

Baby breastfeeding 2Consider calling a lactation consultant if you're not enjoying breastfeeding because:

A consultation may be a short-cut to enjoyable breastfeeding.