Beverly Solow: Lactation Consultant

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I provide home consultations in Northern Manhattan and Riverdale. I also lead monthly support meetings in Inwood and Washington Heights. If you'd like to make an appointment for a house visit, contact me via phone or email.

Phone: 212-567-1112
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Home Visits

In a home visit I provide support and guidance to help you breastfeed more comfortably and to help your baby feed more effectively. During a home visit, I always :

  1. Review positioning, latch-on, and normal breastfeeding patterns.
  2. Help you to refine your technique, read your baby's cues, and recognize when your baby is feeding effectively.
  3. Weigh your baby on a digital baby scale before and after the feeding, so that we know your baby is getting an adequate amount of milk at the breast. If milk supply is a concern, we will also discuss ways to increase milk production.
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After the home visit, I will:

An initial home visit typically lasts approximately 1½ hours. Some mothers schedule a follow-up visit; many come to my support meetings for follow-up.