Beverly Solow: Lactation Consultant

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I provide home consultations and lead frequent support meetings. If you'd like to make an appointment or register for the small group at the Upper Breast Side, contact me via phone or email.

Phone: 212-567-1112
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Home Visits

In a home visit I provide support and guidance to help you breastfeed more comfortably and to help your baby feed more effectively. During a home visit, I always :

  1. Review positioning, latch-on, and normal breastfeeding patterns.
  2. Help you to refine your technique, read your baby's cues, and recognize when your baby is feeding effectively.
  3. Weigh your baby on a digital baby scale before and after the feeding, so that we know your baby is getting an adequate amount of milk at the breast. If milk supply is a concern, we will also discuss ways to increase milk production.
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After the home visit, I will:

An initial home visit typically lasts approximately 1½ hours. Some mothers schedule a follow-up visit; many come to my support meetings for follow-up.