Beverly Solow: Lactation Consultant

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I provide home consultations in Northern Manhattan and Riverdale. I also lead monthly support meetings in Inwood and Washington Heights. If you'd like to make an appointment for a house visit, contact me via phone or email.

Phone: 212-567-1112
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You can enjoy breastfeeding!

Many women are surprised by how much they enjoy breastfeeding. However, mothers also need a support system while they're learning to breastfeed. A lactation consultant can be an important part of that support and learning process.

Who am I?

Beverly Solow has been helping nursing mothers in New York City for 27 years. After becoming a mother in 1987, she left her 15 year career as a U.S. Customs Officer and trained at Beth Israel Medical Center (in New York City) to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).

My approach

Breastfeeding needs to be rewarding for both mother and baby - both must be comfortable and the baby must be well-fed. Many mothers have heard me say, "The first rule is feed the baby. The second priority is to protect the milk supply; and the third most important thing is to fix the breastfeeding problem." Usually if you take care of the first two priorities you buy a little time to work on the third - and usually there is more than one way to resolve a breastfeeding problem.